EP06: Ivan broke the internetListen now (81 min) | More than once!

November 2022

EP05: with Dagobert Renouf of LogologyListen now | A lovely story on building things and startup life
Stay sane, stay afloat, stop trying to be cool
React and NextJS can throw some interesting problems

October 2022

And database access patterns
And not getting lost in backend logic

September 2022

EP04: Ana Bibikova (@NotechAna) shares her life journey and we talk startupsListen now | She is a marketing and communication powerhouse!
Guidelines for UI design
Episode 3: Dynobase with Rafal WilinskiListen now | Rafal Wilinksi is the guest for episode 3 and he's built a great tool for Amazon's DynamoDB database called Dynobase. I chat with Rafal on…
A short post on validation of the problem space and your solution
Conquer those fears!
The silver bullet hunters