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EP06: Ivan broke the internetListen now (81 min) | More than once!
Working on pet projects can be mentally rewarding, but clutter management is absolutely key in my opinion. Monday morning, you wake up at 6am raring to…
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Episode 1: Pansift with Donal O DuibhirListen now (53 min) | And surprise guest...literally.
The silver bullet hunters
Episode 2: With Giorgi Mezurnishvili Listen now | Simple can be great
And doing it like a pro!
EP05: with Dagobert Renouf of LogologyListen now | A lovely story on building things and startup life
A short post on validation of the problem space and your solution
Episode 3: Dynobase with Rafal WilinskiListen now | Rafal Wilinksi is the guest for episode 3 and he's built a great tool for Amazon's DynamoDB database called Dynobase. I chat with Rafal on…
EP04: Ana Bibikova (@NotechAna) shares her life journey and we talk startupsListen now | She is a marketing and communication powerhouse!