Sep 30, 2022 • 1HR 15M

EP04: Ana Bibikova (@NotechAna) shares her life journey and we talk startups

She is a marketing and communication powerhouse, buckle up!

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Digital product builders are working on great things. Let's find out what, why and what they've learnt. WARNING! - will involve some humour! Want to book your own guest slot?
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Ana Bibikova is the guest for episode 4 and she is a communication power house. She is the the kind of person you can with for days and still only scratch the surface!

I chat with Ana on her fascinating and heartfelt backstory and also how and why she helps the startup community with marketing and business strategy. Ana brings a wealth of experience from her own businesses and passes it on to others looking to grow their business and ideas. She does this for very reasonable costs I might add!

Find Ana on Twitter:

You can also checkout Ana's website where she offers services to the community:

Ana's also behind WizenGuides which offers strategy founder guides for startups:

For the introverts out there, be sure to checkout Introvert Nigel, Ana's illustrated creation:

Buckle up, this is the longest episode yet, but it’s well worth your time! Add an extra mile to the dog walk, or iron a few more shirts 😉