Jan 20 • 1HR 21M

EP06: Ivan broke the internet

More than once!

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Sometimes in life you come across someone who didn’t just collect all the t-shirts, they’re responsible for inventing most of them. That is true for Ivan Pepelnjak and we uncovered some of his lesser known history in episode 6 of Built.fm.

Ivan runs a company called IPSpace.net, which is an educational platform for computer networking skills. In that realm, he is somewhat of a superstar, but in the hustling community, you might not have ever come across him before. Ivan is an inspiration to people all over the globe in the networking space and I can only thank him for his years of service to the networking industry and to me personally as a friend and shining star. It was a privilege recording this chat and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did having it.

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Courtesy of EtheralMind.com // sorry Ivan :)